„TakeWay“ – a healthier food restaurant chain


We have been making dishes from carefully picked, high-quality products to our clients since 2008. Given that food is energy, our menus contain detailed, precisely calculated information on the caloric value of every dish.


If we had to summarise the philosophy of TakeWay in just one word, it would be QUALITY.

Quality is the guiding value when choosing products, creating and making dishes, serving our clients, and planning the restaurant’s interior. We believe that quality is the only permanent path that helps create an exceptional customer experience.

We are the first restaurant in Lithuania to supply information on the caloric value of our dishes – something we’ve been proudly doing ever since. This, however, is not the only thing that matters to us – the caloric values we obtain by using high-quality products or changing food preparation methods is just as important.


When it comes to the quality of our food, we’re very strict. We use only the highest-quality, organic products: agave syrup, buffalo mozzarella cheese, peanut oil, etc. For this reason, eating at TakeWay will not make you feel too full, and allow you to face the remaining challenges of the day with plenty of energy.


Buckwheat is one of the most nutritious grains, appreciated for its unique qualities that fight fatigue, muscle weakness, poor appetite and dysfunctions of the heart muscle. Compared to regular wheat flour, buckwheat flour is grittier and contains no gluten. As gluten intolerance becomes more and more widespread, we’ve created 100% buckwheat noodles.


What makes whole grain flour special is that it contains all the parts of the grain, including bran. In other words, this type of flour is not sifted. This helps preserve about 80% of the minerals, fibre and protein of the grain. Whole grain products are typically recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and an increased risk of obesity.


PANSALT®, which decreases sodium intake by 30-50%, was designed by scientists and medical professionals to be used every day instead of regular salt. PANSALT® contains 43% less sodium, and is especially recommended to people with a lower tolerance of sodium obtained from food.


Freeze-drying expels up to 97% of water by evaporating it at a low temperature by varying the surrounding pressure. This method allows products to retain their structure and all of the biologically valuable materials. Freeze-dried fruits and berries are used in our Healthy Shot drinks, lemonades and purees that are served with desserts.


Syrup made from the agave plant looks similar to honey, and has a light caramel aftertaste. Agave syrup contains more calories than sugar, but is 30% sweeter, allowing us to use it in significantly lower amounts. Agave syrup consists of mostly fructose, and is considered to be a low glycemic product, which makes it suitable to people who need to watch their blood sugar.


Peanut oil is especially resistant to high temperatures, rich in monounsaturated Omega-9 fatty acids, which help maintain the elasticity of arterial walls, protect the skin and mucous membranes from drying, and Omega-6 fatty acids, which stimulate hair growth, enhance skin and bone structure, increase the production of hormones, and regulate reproductive function.

mozzarella (1)


Mozzarella is an Italian curd cheese. Traditionally, mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffalo, appreciated for its special taste. Unlike other cheeses, mozzarella is not matured, and is consumed fresh.


Parmigiano-Reggiano is arguably the most famous of all Italian cheeses. Every step of the cheese-making process, as well as every producer, is monitored by the Consorzio di Tutela cheese-makers’ association. The cheese has to be matured for at least 12 months, although it’s only after 18-24 months that it obtains all of its properties.


We care about your opinion on the quality of our food and service. We’re open to your observations and suggestions, as we like to learn from our mistakes, and keep growing.

We ensure that your personal data will be treated responsibly – all you’ll get by leaving your contact information will be a thank you or a request to specify relevant details.

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Working hours:
M-F 09:00 – 22:00
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Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49
Phone no.: +370 657 75 555

PC Panorama, Vilnius

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Adress: Saltoniškių g. 9
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PC Akropolis, Vilnius

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Adress: Konstitucijos pr. 7a
Phone no.: +370 687 34 444

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Adress: Ozo g. 18, Vilnius
Phone no.: +370 612 36 666

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Adress: Mindaugo str. 11
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